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1st International Workshop on ONTOLOGY OF ECONOMICS.
September 17-18 2018, Cape Town, South Africa
Part of The Joint Ontology Workshops JOWO 2018 @ FOIS 2018

Understanding the ontological nature of economic concepts and institutions is crucial for providing principled modelling in many important domains such as enterprise modelling, business processes, and social ontology.
A significant number of fundamental concepts that are ubiquitous in economics have only recently been approached from an ontological perspective.

 For instance:
value, risk, preference, utility, capability, good, service, exchange, transaction, competition.

We offer a venue to gather the recent contributions to this important topic.
We welcome submissions from different areas such as (philosophy of) economics, decision theory, social choice theory, business, finance, accounting, economic sociology, and enterprise modeling, to promote the discussion on the ontological foundation of fundamental concepts in economics.

The workshop encourages the submission of articles on both theoretical and methodological issues in the use of ontologies for modelling economic concepts and institutions, as well as articles presenting concrete use of ontologies in application to economic domains.


Daniele Porello, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Nicola Guarino, ISTC-CNR

Giancarlo Guizzardi, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Contact:  daniele.porello@unibz.it