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1st International Workshop on ONTOLOGY OF ECONOMICS.
September 17-18 2018, Cape Town, South Africa
Part of The Joint Ontology Workshops JOWO 2018 @ FOIS 2018

Call for papers:

We plan to welcome contributions from different areas such as (philosophy of) economics, business, finance, accounting, economic sociology, and enterprise modeling, to promote the discussion on the ontological foundation of fundamental concepts in economics. The workshop encourages the submission of articles on both theoretical and methodological issues in the use of ontologies for modelling economic concepts and institutions, as well as articles presenting concrete use of ontologies in application to economic domains.

Topics of interest include but are not restricted to:

- Ontology of economic concepts: e.g. preference relations, utility functions, money, risk, strategy, rationality, market, economic agent, competition, cooperation.
- Value, value ascription, value production, value (co-)creation.
- Economic contracts and economic exchanges.
- Social norms in economic environments.
- Economic roles and responsibilities of collective entities: organisations, companies, enterprises, social groups, customers, corporate agents, institutions.
- Economic aspects of enterprise modelling: capabilities, strategy, marketing, accounting.
- Decision procedures in economic organisations.
- Finance and Markets.
- Services, service science, product-service systems.
- Business Ontology.
- Business Process Modelling.
- Extensions of foundational ontologies to include social and economic institutions.
- Knowledge representation: methodological issues in representing social and economic concepts, formal languages for economics, logics for modelling economics concepts and institutions.

Important Dates

   - June 18, 2018 - Paper submission deadline.
   - July 18, 2018 - Notification of acceptance.
   - August 18, 2018 - Camera-ready version.
   - September 17-18, 2018 - Workshop (the exact date will be communicate later).

Accepted Submissions

We welcome two types of submissions:

    Regular articles (8-12 pages including the bibliography) for presenting original unpublished work, neither submitted to, nor accepted for, any other venue.
    Short articles (5 pages including the bibliography) for presenting brief descriptions of ongoing research and projects, preliminary approaches, or descriptions of related previously published research.

Submission Guidelines

    Papers should be submitted non-anonymously in PDF format following IOS Press formatting guidelines (downloadable here).
    Papers should be uploaded via Easy Chair. (Submission page TBA)


Articles and abstracts will be published by CEUR workshop proceedings.
(For the previous editions of the JOWO proceedings, see www.iaoa.org/jowo/)

Contact:  daniele.porello@unibz.it